About us


Main driver, drone pilot and filmmaker, and pastry lover.


By day: He runs his own physiotherapy clinic specialising in neurological rehabilitation.

By night: He dreams of the next 4×4 adventure.

Positive characteristics: Very passionate about everything he does, not afraid to take risks, and takes great drone shots.

Less positive characteristics: can get really grumpy when not fed on time.


Navigator, photographer and filmmaker, and chocolate lover.


By day: works as a digital strategist at an agency.

By night: loves listening to podcasts and snuggling with Lewie.

Positive characteristics: always thinks twice, good driving skills so Patrick can fly the drone and staying optimistic when things don’t go as planned.

Less positive characteristics: she nibbles food and then puts them back where she found them.


Entertainer and foodie.
“The star of our show”


By day: takes naps on the couch and loves to ‘help out’ in the garden.

At night: plays, fights and loves to climb on top of us to cuddle.

Positive characteristics: always happy, willing to do anything for food, likes going on long walks and hikes.

Less positive characteristics: pulls on the leash, eats Patrick’s shoes when he gets the chance and also will let you know when not fed on time.