The Labrador retriever


This is Lewie. A Labrador retriever from Holland. He has been living with us from when he was 7 weeks old. This guy is like all labradors: full of energy, weird habits and loving food. Well to be honest… he eats everything he can put in his mouth!

Hurry up with your photo!

He gets annoyed when we take a photo of him. He has to sit still and look cute. But what he really wants is to get a wooden stick and eat it.


Every week he goes to gundog training. We can’t say he is particularly good. He has an attention span of 3 minutes and forgets the dummy most of the time. But he has fun!


Well… since our biggest passion is traveling and our biggest friend is Lewie. We came up with the idea to combine the two things we love the most. Now we want to share our experiences.