Brining your dog to the UK

Our experience with the Eurotunnel. There are a couple of things you need to take care of when you take your dog to the UK. We went through this process in July 2022 and will share our experiences in this post

In July 2022 we took Lewie with us on our trip to Ireland. But before we reached Ireland we had to cross another island: Great Britain. We took the Eurotunnel which meant we crossed the border to the UK in France.

But before we tell you about our experience at the border, there are some things we had to arrange at home.

When you take your pet to the UK you have to take care of some rules depending on the country you are coming from. You can find them on the website of the government.

For us this meant we had to get a tapeworm treatment a couple of days before we went. All the other requirements (microchip, pet passport, rabies vaccination) we already had in place.

So back to the eurotunnel…

When you arrive at the eurotunnel there are signs everywhere with ‘PET RECEPTION’. Follow those signs and you will arrive at the place where you need to go. There is an area where you can let you pet walk around for a bit. We went into the reception area. There weren’t any other dogs when we went there so the process went very fast.

They check the pet passport and give you a little machine to scan your pets chip. They let you scan the chip yourself. No one comes near your dog, the people working there all sit behind desks and glass. We got our passport back and received our boarding pass. There is a hanger that you hang on your rearview mirror so they know there is a pet in the vehicle.

Then we went back in the car and drove to the embarkation. We were a bit early but we could get onto an earlier train. And before we knew it we arrived in England.

So in conclusion, our experience was very good. The process is clear and the signs for pet reception are well marked.

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