Lewie's travel packing list

When traveling with a dog you need to think of a lot of things to bring. We created a list of things that we bring for Lewie on every trip and thought it would be nice to share this with you!

So, here is our list of travel essentials for Lewie

1. Food

Oke so if you ask Lewie this is the most important thing. We can forget the rest but food is a must have. We bring his regular dog food, his ‘fresh’ meals, chew sticks and treats.

2. Food bowls

We use stainless steel bowls for Lewie, also when travelling. One time we tought it would be handy to get a foldable bowl but Lewie destroyed it after two days so we are back using stainless steel.

3. Fleece blanket

Even in summer time we always bring Lewie’s blanky. We keep it in his bed and he loves it so much. When he goes to bed he snuggles on top of his blanket.

4. Towels and bathrobe

It took the whole first year of his life but he got into swimming and can’t stop now. So we always bring a couple of towels with us to dry him off after swimming. We use the fast drying type of towels. We also have a bathrobe for him and it is super cute but he hates it. When we put it on him he doesn’t move any more.

5. Leads and leashes

We use several types of leads for Lewie. We have a 3m leash from Hunter for short walks, a 10m leash from Rossi Dog shop that we use to attach Lewie to the car when we are camping. Then we have a belt with an elastic leash that we use for supping and sometimes for hiking. And we have an 8m flexi leash that we use on longer hikes.

5. Collar

Lewie has a collar from Charlie and Cooper Amsterdam with his name on it. We are very happy with this collar, the quality is great.

6. Dog tag

On his collar we attached a dog tag with our phone number. Just in case something happens with him.

7. Waterbottle

We always carry a bottle of water for Lewie when we go hiking. Most of the times we don’t even use it because he will drink water from river streams.

8. Tick remover

Especially in summer time this is a packing essential. We always check for ticks at the end of the day. A tick remover is a must have to safely get them out of his skin.

9. Toy

Lewie has destroyed most of his toys within a couple of hours. We have two toys left that seem indestructible: Kong Ogee stick and a frisbee. We take them with us when travelling.

10. Poop bags

Of course. 

11. Comb

Sometimes we give him a spa treatment and comb his fur. He loves the attention.

12. Whistle

We trained Lewie with a whistle when he was still a puppy. Now we use the whistle as a last resort when he doesn’t listen to our recall. 

13. Pet passport

Pet passport and medical preparations are a must.

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