So in our preparation for Iceland we did a lot of research for visiting Fagradalsfjall volcano. In this blog we want to give you all our tips how you can visit this spectacular natural event save and efficient. 

We knew before the volcano had a lot of activity so we where really excited. We saw all this awesome photo from people standing really close to the eruptions.

Before you go to Iceland make sure what is the current activity level via this link.

So like we said. It was really active the week we went end of august 2021. This was one of our top priorities. If you want to visit it and want to see it, you need to be flexible.

That’s way we planned a few days around or near the volcano so we could turn back if we missed it. 

But we where lucky, the day of our flight we already saw the seismograph getting really active. Volcanos erupt in cycles so you have to keep watching them. We also used the information from the webcam.

The first day in Iceland we searched for a campsite near the Volcano. We went to sleep but woke up around 04:00 because we heard some vehicles leaving. We directly checked the webcam, looked outside, saw a red glowing sky and thought fuck it lets go.

We drove to parking 1 and took path A because the viewpoint to the Volcano is the best. It’s a pretty hard hike especially in the early morning. Its about 1 or 2 hours depending on your level of fitness.

We arrived a little bit early… around 06:30 in the morning we where at the viewpoint but it got the most active around 11:00. 

A good tip: take a lot of snacks! It is a naturel phenomenal so nobody knows for sure what time it starts!

Also be aware of the toxic gases. Sometimes the combination of wind and toxics make it dangerous you can check this.

This is a once in a lifetime experience, enjoy!

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