Top 3 campsites in Iceland

Þakgil campsite

We have been staying at 16 different campings all around Iceland. Some of them were great some of them not so great. We will share our top 3 favorite camping spots around Iceland.

Glymur hike

Glymur Large

Glymur hike Not your average hike: crossing rivers and climbing mountains. Good to know before you go: if you do the full loop your shoes and feet will get soaking wet…. The Glymur waterfall is on of the largest waterfalls in Iceland. However, it is relatively unseen and less crowded because it takes some effort […]

Múlagljúfur hike

Hike Mulagljufur Canyon

Múlagljúfur canyon hike One of the best hikes we did in our life! If you as like us and want to avoid the more popular and crowded places keep on reading because this hike is definitely one you will enjoy…. After visiting Diamond beach we were looking for something less touristy and we found this […]

A guide to Icelands F-roads

Bláfjallafoss F232

A guide to icelands f-roads Driving the F-Roads in Iceland gets you off the beaten track and into amazing, barren scenery. But navigating these mountain roads can be challenging. Here’s all you need to know about driving on the F-roads in Iceland. Icelands ring road is great, but Icelands F-roads will give you adventure and […]

Visiting Icelands Vulcano

VISITING ICELANDS VULCANO So in our preparation for Iceland we did a lot of research for visiting Fagradalsfjall volcano. In this blog we want to give you all our tips how you can visit this spectacular natural event save and efficient.  We knew before the volcano had a lot of activity so we where really […]